Interactive Video Tutorial Website

Problem: Lower the overall costs associated with the customer service center from new timeshare owners calling in with questions concerning how to use Hilton’s timeshare points based product.

Solution: ROYALL scripted, shot and produced, edited, created graphics, and programmed the interactive Video Tutorial website for the Hilton Grand Vacation’s new club members to teach them about the Hilton Timeshare product and how to use it. As a one time expense to Hilton, these video tutorials walk new owners through the entire process, and provide them with a reference for later use on how to use the specific parts of the Hilton Timeshare Points Based System. Since implementation of the interactive tutorials, call center calls from new owners on how to use the points based system have dropped. We recently re-edited and dubbed the tutorials for Hilton’s Japanese consumers (their second biggest market) and are starting to see a decline in call center calls from their Japanese clients.