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Crafty Trendsetters Use Pinterest To Share The Internet

Pinterest is getting to be a hot topic these days, and rightfully so- it's currently one of the fastest growing social networking sites on the web, ranking third in popularity after Facebook and Twitter. The relatively new site has been around for a little more than two years, but has rapidly increased in popularity in recent times; comScore reported in February that the site had passed 10 million monthly unique users faster than any independent site in history. Why the hype? We as humans are very visual creatures, and essentially go nuts for pretty pictures, whether it's of delicious baked goods, cool places, or our favorite products. Pinterest is centered on the simple but wildly successful concept of a virtual pin board that gives users the ability to collect, organize and share images from around the web. Based on your interests, you can follow other peoples pins that they've collected and categorized. The sites users are overwhelmingly female; men seem to be deterred from using the site because they think its just where a bunch of girls go to obsess over pictures of their dream wedding dresses . However, once that reputation fades a bit, I think the guys will come around soon enough and realize that Pinterest is an excellent tool for sharing ideas and interests via images.

What's next for Pinterest?

In their FAQ section, Pinterest mentions that private boards are something that they are "thinking about carefully and may implement in the future." I can understand why they may be reluctant to introduce private pinboards, mainly because of the fact that it will cut down on the social aspect of the network- when people keep their pins for their eyes only, the result could be less sharing and ultimately less site traffic. However, this could be the key to drawing in another huge wave of new users because many are turned off to Pinterest simply because they dislike the public aspect of the site. What I'd like to see changing in the next few months is more user control over the privacy settings on their boards, sort of like how Facebook allows users to adjust who can see what among friends and the public eye.