Design Is The Art Of Planning Interaction and Communication

Design is the art of planning

Great Creative Design

happens when proper planning is followed by excellent execution ::

The purpose of any design is to create and direct an interaction with a person. To create an effective design, whether you create a painting, a drawing, a building, a toaster, a car, a computer, a website, an advertisement, a sentence, a TV show, or a song, you have to decide what you want the person interacting with your design to do. In this way, design is about creating effective communication.

Apple is well known for creating well-designed products that are easy to use because of its intuitive user interface. We call it “intuitive” since the user can learn to use it “by intuition” because it’s so easy to understand. Making something easy to understand is a high form of design because it requires the designer to have a clear purpose, understand their audience, and create the conditions for their audience to have the desired experience.

A great painting isn’t always “easy to understand,” but that doesn’t mean that the art is poorly designed, it just means that the artist didn’t intend the message of the painting to be easy to understand. As long as the artist got the intended reaction, they successfully planned the experience.

The purpose of advertising, at it’s very core, is to “sell stuff.” A fantastic ad campaign with a great slogan, funny viral videos, interesting TV commercials, brilliant radio spots, creates brand awareness, and buzz on social media, but if it doesn’t accomplish it’s purpose, it can’t be called effective and it can’t be called a success. In order to be called great design, an ad campaign needs to accomplish one thing, and one thing only; it needs to turn into additional sales and revenue.

Design is more than the act of creating a pretty picture, or a beautiful toaster. Design is the measure of communication between the designer and their audience.

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